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Please join us on January 13, 2019 at CCS for an informal day of learning.

In the morning (10-12:30), panel members will share the processes they use for calculating what to charge for their work. Discussions will include a brief description of their work and how they determine what they will charge. The panel will then take questions from the mediator and attendees, and finish up with an opportunity for attendees  to present an item of their making and ask the panel for a pricing critique, based hours, materials, and other criteria that the panel members would use in determining the sales price of the object.

In the afternoon (1:30-4:00), there will be a demonstration on how to make a light box and how to use it to photograph small, shiny objects. Attendees who bring a piece for pricing will also have the opportunity to discuss how best to photograph the piece, get assistance with the placement of the piece in the light box and obtaining appropriate lighting. Attendees will then have the opportunity to take the photo with their own camera/telephone.

Lunch is brown bag, or a short trip to one of several restaurants in the area.

Please see that linked meeting notification. If you would like to join us, complete the rsvp, especially as regards whether you plan to bring a piece for pricing and photographing and return the rsvp portion by January 7, 2019.