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 Join E. Douglas Wunder at CCS, October 5 & 6,
as he shows us the magic of working with titanium to make beautiful jewelry.

This workshop is intended to familiarize one with the understanding in how to transform titanium into a piece of jewelry. This will involve creating an object on paper that incorporates; scale, balance, perspective and contrast. These concepts will then be developed into metal objects using the techniques of piercing, sawing and cold connecting with rivets. We will create wearable art pieces based on discussion and hands on experience. The project will focus on making jewelry from hand-sawed pieces of titanium sheet, then layered and connected with titanium wire. Coloring techniques of titanium will also be explored. Participants are encouraged to come with an imaginative, experimental approach to jewelry making. Student Kit is an additional $35. Lunch is included in fee. Registration is limited to 12 participants.

Workshop Fee (Includes lunch):  Members - $325
                                                        Nonmembers - $360
                                                        Student Members - $280 

Registration form and additional information can be found here.