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Blue eye fish
Jeffery Wesley

Call for entry: MSG at the Ann Arbor Art Fair 2014

February 19, 2014 by Emily Saling

Click here for applicationIn accordance with this mission, MSG and the South University Area Association will sponsor two booths for the 2014 South University Art Fair. In return for a reduced booth rate, MSG has agreed to provide booth sitting for the other artists in the South University Fair and provide metalsmithing demonstrations for the general public.

2014 Holiday Party and Potluck

February 4, 2014 by Emily Saling

Click here for detailsIt is time for us to gather together and enjoy an afternoon of fun projects and great company. We are graciously being hosted by Scott Lankton in his studio in Ann Arbor. Potluck dinner, white elephant gift exchange, and many memories to create - we hope to see you there!

Call fro Entry: TOP Jewels National Jewelry Design Exhibition

September 19, 2013 by Christine Bossler

Click here for additional informationA showcase featuring the very best artists working in the medium of jewelry design to educate the public about their craft. This competition is open to all jewelry artists residing in the United States. Works must be original, recently fabricated, and not have been shown previously at the Durango Arts Center(DAC). All works must be for sale. Submitted pieces must be wearable jewelry and includes: neckware, pins, bracelets, earrings, rings, and buckles. Nonrefundable entry fee: $30 for a minimum of 3 images and additional $10 each maximum 5 images entries. Submissions need to be entered through WESTAFs online CaFe application process at Search: TOP Jewels National Jewelry Design Exhibition or Durango Arts Center. Professional photos are encouraged. Entry Deadline is April 11, 2014.

Call for Entry: 2014 Saul Bell Design Award

August 1, 2013 by Emily Saling

Click here for details!Rio Grande Issues Call for Entries for 2014 Saul Bell Design Award Competition Rio Grande has issued the call for entries for the 2014 Saul Bell Design Award Competition. The competition, now in its 14th year, recognizes innovation and distinction in jewelry design. It encourages designers to push the limits of their imaginations as they create an original piece of jewelry art in any of seven categories.

Researchers Discover Bacteria That Produces Pure Gold

October 5, 2012 by Christine Bossler

Click here to read the full article as writen by Jesus Diaz for GizmodoThe gold you see in the photo above was not found in a river or a mine. It was produced by a bacteria that, according to researchers at Michigan State University, can survive in extreme toxic environments and create 24 karat gold nuggets. Pure gold. Maybe this critter can save us all from the global economic crisis? Of course not, but at least it can make Kazem Kashefi, assistant professor of microbiology and molecular genetics, and Adam Brown,associate professor of electronic art and intermediaa bit rich, if only for the show they have put together.

Company plans to mine asteroids for riches

April 24, 2012 by Christine Bossler

Click here for full article as written by SETH BORENSTEIN, Associated PressSpace faring robots could be extracting gold and platinum from asteroids within 10 years if a new venture backed by two Silicon Valley titans and filmmaker James Cameron gets off the ground as planned. Outside experts are skeptical about the project because it would probably require untold millions or perhaps billions of dollars and huge advances in technology. But the same entrepreneurs pioneered the selling of space rides to tourists a notion that seemed fanciful not long ago, too.

SNAG Conference: From Grains to Gold

This conference will explore the relationship between the maker and the materials at a time when the materials, techniques, and processes are rapidly changing, and examine the growing trends of consumers desire for the hand made and most importantly what it really means to be hand made in the 21st century. The Twin Cities have given rise over the years to a rich cultural scene of creativity and innovation in the arts, crafts, music, design, architecture, independent studios, museums, and galleries. SNAG is pleased to have Minneapolis, the bustling urban center of creative culture, serve as the backdrop to this engaging conference.

Patinas on Metal with Kyle Dill

Surface enhancement can turn the most ordinary jewelry piece into a one of a kind masterpiece. If you're ready to turn your work into masterpieces, then this is the class for you. All patina types will be covered, from heat patinas, to commercial chemical patinas, to those made from simple household chemicals. You'll never produce ordinary work again. (Note: An advanced patina class will be offered in June.)

Freeform Bezels with Lesley DiPiazza

Expand your stone setting proficiency by learning to fabricate your own bezel cups. Students will learn to set irregular or free form cabochons as well as customize their bezels with a multitude of variations in the fabrication process. BASIC TORCH SOLDERING SKILLS REQUIRED. Maximum of 4 students. One session, 4 hours.

New Class! Gypsy Set Ring with Lesley DiPiazza

Gypsy and other related flush settings, involve carving a seat into thick metal and hammering the newly created rim down to secure the stone, imbedding the stone in the surface and providing a very clean and secure setting. Success of this centuries old setting technique is dependent on metal considerations, stone characteristics, bur selection, and design elements, all of which will be covered in this class. BASIC TORCH SOLDERING SKILLS REQUIRED. Class size is limited to 4 students, so sign up early. One session, 4 hours.

Hydraulic Die Forming with Kyle Dill

A hydraulic press makes use of even, compressive force for embossing or for forming metal into desired shapes. This workshop will acquaint you with all aspects of effectively using a hydraulic press, including safety and maintenance considerations and the principles of conforming and nonconforming (matrix and embossing) die forming. Simple die construction will also be covered, and ample time will be provided for practice use. One session, 3 hours.

New Class! Introduction to Fused Link Loop in Loop Chains with Mary Kernahan

Tour the jewelry section of any ancient history museum and you will find an amazing array of intricate chains, all constructed of fused links. Using a torch and fine silver wire, students will first learn the process of fusing, or joining metal together without the use of solder. Then once the links are completed, they will learn to shape and interweave them together into a variety of historical chain styles. Two sessions, May 28 and June 4. 3 hours each.

Introduction to Enameling, Instructor KRISTI GLICK

Enameling is the process of using heat to fuse glass on metal. This weekend workshop will cover the basics of enameling including metal preparation and various techniques for enamel application, firing, and finishing. Our focus will be on covering a range of techniques so that students can come away from the weekend with a number of samples that can either be incorporated into wearable jewelry or used as a reference for future enameling projects. Come and explore the amazing world of color and texture offered by this ancient yet still vibrant medium! $125, materials fee $40. Payment of the $40 materials fee by April 15 will secure a place in the class. The $125 class fee can be paid at the first class meeting. Please contact for more information or to enroll.

Basic Soldering with Lesley Di Piazza

Whether you are new to soldering or just looking to increase your skills, this class is for you. Lesley will guide you through the theory and practice of butane and acetylene torch soldering. Students will get valuable hands-on experience in class and leave with the knowledge and confidence to solder at home. This class fills quickly, so sign up early! One session, 3 hours.

Cold Connections with Kyle Dill

Stimulate your creativity while learning how to join contrasting metals, stones and heat sensitive materials together without the use of heat or solder using rivets and tabs. In this class a variety of rivets and tabs will be explored, allowing for endless future applications for embellishment, pivot mechanisms, building in 3-D, or to simply add an industrial look to work. All levels welcome, but skill with a jeweler's saw is a plus. One session, 3 hours.

Immersion in Nature at Jean Nobel Parsons Center

  • When: June 12-15, 2014
  • Where: Nobel Parsons Center
  • Contact:
  • More Info: Click Here
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The workshop will introduce participants to new techniques and materials other than metal to make jewelry. Using natural found materials, the participants will use items collected on the property for designing or making pieces. They will investigate ways of assembling using paper, leaves, twigs, sticks, vines, flowers, quills, birch bark, stones, etc. in designs and pieces. It will be a way to stimulate other possibilities beside the traditional way of viewing jewelry. The participants will collect items during the walks in the woods around Ransom Lake, Lake Michigan at Empire beach and the 82 acres of Parsons. These natural items could be used in work as is or translated inspiration of the natural items into metal by using various metal-forming techniques including roller printing, fold-forming, linking, electroplating, riveting and acid etching. This combination of nature as inspiration or work produced by the natural items will give yet another option for studio professionals. The workshop fee is $150 for three nights and two lunches. Accommodations in the sleeping lodge units include two beds, chairs, dressers and closets. You should plan to bring your own sleeping bag, sheets, blankets, pillows and towels, as well as, personal bathroom items. Restrooms including showers are centralized in the dining hall and are not connected to the sleeping lodge units. There is a main dining room where we will make breakfast and dinner. Participants may bring any of their own food if they wish. Register at Select "Immersion in Nature". Michigan Silversmiths Guild membership required:

Roll Printing with Lesley Di Piazza

Learn how to use the rolling mill to create a variety of unique textures on sheet metal! Students will be encouraged to experiment with a variety of materials and leave class with multiple sheets of textured metal. As a bonus, students will also learn how to properly and efficiently anneal sheet metal. One session, 3 hours.

Metal Corrugation with Mary Kernahan

Corrugation offers the advantage of dramatically increased structural strength in thinner material, allowing for reduced weight and decreased material costs. It also provides a multitude of decorative uses such as simple ridges, fan folds, crimps, and more, all of which can be combined with more advanced techniques such as embossing, fold forming, chasing, die and other forming techniques. Students will explore all aspects of sheet metal and wire corrugation using an industrial tube wringer, pliers and other simple tools. One session, 3 hours.

Chasing and Repousse with Kyle Dill

The ancient techniques of chasing and repousse are two of the most versatile techniques in all of metalsmithing. Both involve the use of metal punches to manipulate metal to create form, detail and relief, culminating in endless possibilities for 3-dimensional surface embellishment. First Kyle will introduce you to the fundamental tools, supplies and the processes involved, then he will guide you as you gain practical experience in the techniques. You will come away with new and improved skills that will open up a whole realm of fresh design possibilities. One session, 3 hours.

Reticulation with Kyle Dill

Learn how to create beautiful ornate, and organic textures on metal with your torch. Reticulation utilizes irregular expansion and contractions rates between different metal silver alloys. In this class you will learn how to control this technique to create beautiful and unique compositions of texture. One session, 3 hours.

Basic Soldering with Lesley Di Piazza

Whether you are new to soldering or just looking to increase your skills, this class is for you. Lesley will guide you through the theory and practice of butane and acetylene torch soldering. Students will get valuable hands-on experience in class and leave with the knowledge and confidence to solder at home. This class fills quickly, so sign up early! One session, 3 hours.